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[NEW MONTHLY!] Item Crates

[NEW MONTHLY!] Item Crates

Crates provide a sure chance to get a decent item! Whether that be a valuable  never-seen-before cosmetic, or other things!

Once a Crate is purchased, simply place anywhere with space to open it!

[MONTHLY] October Crate 2020    Ending Soon! 19.99 USD Buy
Meme Crate 9.99 USD Buy
Mystic Crate 24.99 USD Buy
Vexed Crate 19.99 USD Buy
Atomic Crate 14.99 USD Buy
Rainbow Crate 9.99 USD Buy
Name Tags Crate 9.99 USD Buy
Realm Theme Crate 9.99 USD Buy
Player Glows Crate 9.99 USD Buy
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